Elite Escort Anastasia

Exclusive Tantric Companion

Welcome to my website. I'm so glad you found me. Please peruse my extensive photos, offerings, wish list etc. You can see what past patrons have had to say about me on my Appreciations page and read articles in my blog to prepare for our time together. Relax, take your time, and enjoy. I appreciate your time and interest in learning about my unique offerings. XO Warmly, Ana

You will find that i am an exclusive luxury tantric companion, well educated in the arts of companionship and sensuality, with an uncommon warmth and intelligence and classic beauty. I am based in beautiful and sunny North County San Diego. I enjoy an active lifestyle often traveling the world and entertaining successful and wealthy patrons.

I take the mundane and create an unforgettable tantric experience, an orchestra of heightened senses and sensations. I am extremely selective in choosing whom i spend my time with and my rates reflect this. I have found that my approach makes for a far superior encounter every time.



“You will be warmly welcomed with a genuine smile from the prettiest redhead you've ever seen. From the moment you enter my spa-like sanctuary you will be treated to the finest in everything. I will have sparkling water waiting from you to sip, enticing essential oils wafting through the air while sensual soulful music tickles your ears. I will slowly and sensually undress you and tease and tantalize every part of your body with various textures and bare skin. Then I will either put you in a large warm bathtub with essential oils and fine salts and join you or I will put you on my massage table making your body into my canvas. I will artfully and sensually rub away any stress or tension until you melt in my hands. And that's only the beginning of our journey together... I will use Tantric and Taoist practices to build electric energy between us, keeping you wanting more and soaring higher into ecstatic states of ecstasy and rapture. You'll be thinking about me and our time together for days and weeks after...

Everything will seem more real and vivid and all of your senses will be heightened. Colors will be brighter, tastes sweeter, smells more intoxicating, and touch... riveting. You will feel everything more exquisitely than before. From our conversations you will feel genuine connection and  understanding. From my touch you will feel nurtured, teasing anticipation, and deep soulful satisfaction.”

Can you remember what it's like to feel the magic of connecting on so many levels with an absolutely beautiful and refined woman, of the exciting desire to merge, to know and be known?

What do you enjoy most in life? …

I enjoy sharing delicious quality healthy meals together, evenings out on the town and theater, leisurely slippery baths together, masterful sensual massage, relaxing together at an Eco-spa or traveling with you on business.

The most pleasurable experiences in life can lack meaning unless you have someone special to enjoy them with.

Do you feel like something is missing in your life, some excitement, color or passion?

Do you have a difficult time meeting beautiful women? When you are in the company of a ravishingly beautiful or interesting woman do you often feel anxious or awkward and lack the confidence to be the truly charming person you are? 

Do you feel like you never got the instruction manual for how to be truly successful in intimate relationships?

I understand, I've been there. None of us get the information or tools from either the culture or even usually from our families for how to be truly successful in relationships. When I was very young, even though I was attractive, I was quite shy and always had my nose in a book. I was naturally intelligent,  yet had a hard time understanding people. As a result, I was fascinated with human relationships, psychology, and sexuality and have been intensely focused on studying these aspects of life deeply. I've learned to be charming and successful socially and in intimate relationships. Now I even love teaching and public speaking at times to large audiences.

I recently completed graduate school for Psychology. I am highly educated and well traveled. I have written two books on sacred sexuality and been featured in instructional books and videos as well as visionary art film. Because of my presence as a teacher and author my privacy as well as yours is very important to me.

For the last decade, I have been studying Communication and Relationship Skills as well as Psychology and can support you to acquire new communication and social skills if you wish.  I can even go shopping with you and assist you in creating a totally new image for success socially and with women. Since I was a very young woman I have been working on personal growth and life skills so even though I am still quite young I have a lot to offer and share. I also trust that you have much to share and teach me and am open to our mutual learning process together.

Throughout my twenties, I have also studied sacred sensual arts including Tantric and Taoist practices. With my skills and experience in these areas, I can bring you to expanded states of pleasure and full body bliss while teaching you practices for vitality and rejuvenation. These are sacred sexual practices that have traditionally been only accessible to high initiates and royalty.

Highly prized and guarded by secrecy, these practices have been handed down through verbal and energetic transmission from teacher to student. Although you can find some of these practices today described in books it is nearly impossible to learn these skills from books. Have you ever tried to learn yoga from a book? Well, I can tell you it's not very easy and then if you do figure it out later you find out you've been doing it wrong. I don't recommend it. These are the kind of practices and experiences you must receive in person.

I have studied and practiced a wide array of Healing and Sacred Sexual Arts including:

  • Massage
    Including exotic modalities like Ayurvedic and Thai massage
  • Energy work
    I'm a 3rd degree Reiki Master
  • Health and Nutrition
    Focusing on the areas of Longevity and Rejuvenation
  • Communication and Relationship Practices
    Such as Compassionate Communication, Attachment, Bonding, and Somatic (Body-Based) Psychology, and Life, Relationship, and Sexuality Coaching
  • Yoga
    Both White and Red Tantric Yoga Paths focusing on Expanded Orgasmic States and Pleasure
  • Taoist Sexual Practices
    Erotic Massage and practices for Longevity, Vitality and Rejuvenation

I give the best expertly skilled erotic massage which will have you on the edge of your seat guaranteed. Besides Sacred Sexual practices, I can assist you to rejuvenate through diet and lifestyle. I always know the best healthy gourmet restaurants and spas for rejuvenation and relaxation. For true health, we all need both physical and emotional well being. Because of this, relationships are an important part of health. I can also help you have healthier and more satisfying relationships. With my background in Psychology and Coaching, I enjoy helping people reach their goals whatever they may be. I will encourage your unique self-expression and nurture your deepest purpose to blossom.

I do not smoke or use drugs. I live a healthy and balanced lifestyle and see only a few special patrons so I can offer you the highest quality devoted attention during our time together. I am an ecstatic, adoring, romantic, sensually liberated, and deeply passionate woman with a heart of gold. I am also genuine, honest and ethical. My photos are recent and accurate.

After an evening or weekend with me, you will feel both energized and relaxed simultaneously. You will be rejuvenated and ready to take on the world again. The longer you work with the Tantric and Taoist practices I teach you, the younger you will feel and the more energy you will have. After spending time with me, you will be more confident and successful approaching and interacting with beautiful women. Your knowledge and experience at pleasing women on every level will be exponentially greater. If you like, I can teach you sexual healing techniques for assisting women to open up to their fullest ecstatic and orgasmic potential. With all the energy and charisma you will exude you will get more done in a day and have more satisfying relationships.

I am based in beautiful North County San Diego, only a couple of hours from the world class vacation destination of Orange County and the glamorous city of Los Angeles. I offer out call to San Diego, Orange County and LA. I can also fly to you wherever you are to spend an intimate evening, an adventurous day, or a sumptuous weekend together (during the week works just as well).

Alternately, if you like, I can suggest places and itinerary for our time together such as a rejuvenating and luxurious spa or retreat center. I also have personal connections to Private Tantric Retreat Centers with luxurious warm and cold pools, aromatherapy saunas, and incredible hiking and nature in Sedona Arizona and Hawaii.
I am a classically beautiful young woman slender and fit with soft feminine bombshell curves. I do hike and dance regularly and have strong shapely legs. I have mischievous green cat eyes and striking long curly red hair. I’m an all natural rare gorgeous redhead. Like unicorns, we are infamously sensitive and passionate by nature. Since i love to pamper my body, visit spas frequently, and rub special oils into my skin, my skin is clear, exquisitely soft to the touch and glowing. I am told I am exceptionally beautiful in person. People have said that my eyes are my best feature although i get a lot of attention for my hair and my bottom as well.

However, I believe much of what makes me attractive is hard to capture in photographs. My background as a dancer gives me a graceful way of moving that men often comment on. Being originally a Southern belle, I have gracious manners and a way of putting others at ease around me. I have fresh natural beauty as well as exquisite style. My style has been described as elegant, original, conservative, and romantic. I love to dress up whether in evening dresses and heels or in sexy lingerie and silks. I have a large diverse wardrobe perfect for any occasion. I can accompany you to social events and engagements anywhere you like. I don't show my entire face directly in my photographs for reasons of mutual privacy. 


What I offer is the unique culmination of my inherent gifts and many years perfecting my skills. I blend powerful modalities like relationship and sexuality coaching and practices for longevity and vitality with sensual companionship. I offer an authentic and special intimate relationship safely held within secure and healthy boundaries for the purpose of growth and enjoyment. My services are not for everyone. They are not for anyone looking for a quick fix or one night stand.

My companionship is for the man of a certain level of success and sophistication, a connoisseur who appreciates the finest things in life. I cater to the kind of man who values personal growth and enjoyment as an important part of success and a balanced and healthy lifestyle. I offer a true girlfriend experience in that we can take our time getting to know one another building trust and genuine desire between us. If you are a discerning gentleman who is ready to pause to smell the roses along life's path, then you and I may be a perfect fit for each other.

Some of what i offer:

  • Tantric and Taoist Ecstatic Arts Sensual Priestess
  • Graduate Degree in Psychology and Somatic Therapies
  • Dating and Intimacy Coach
  • I’m ecstatic, adoring, romantic, free spirited, deeply passionate, genuine, honest, and sweet.
  • Relaxed adventurous travel companion, supremely good at enjoying and entertaining.
  • All-natural rare curly red haired gorgeous bombshell, slender, fit, and curvy for your pleasure
  • I see very few special patrons and offer the highest quality experience.

"Once you've had one taste of the divine,
nothing else will do."